​Youth International Business Initiative

Globally Promoting Youth Involvement and Entrepreneurship​ in Business, Innovation, and Leadership


YIBI Headquarters  
France at Paris

YIBI President: Marie-Elise

Zimbabwe Headquarters

​YIBI President: Orein

​​​​​​​​United States Branches​​


San Mateo, California: www.smyibius.org 

Palo Alto, California: www.payibius.org

Cupertino, California: www.ctyibius.org

Santa Clara, California:www.scyibius.org

San Jose, California: www.sjyibius.org

San Ramon, California: www.sryibius.org

Saratoga, California: www.sryibius.org

Sunnyvale, California: www.svyibius.org 

Fremont, California: https://fmyibius.wixsite.com/website

Pleasanton, California: www.plyibius.org

Los Gatos,California: www.lgyibius.org


Ann Arbor, Michigan: www.aamiyibius.org

New York City:
New York City, New York: www.nycyibius.org

Naperville, Illinois: www.napilyibius.org

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania: www.piyibius.org

Jacksonville, Florida: www.jakyibius.org

YIBI Headquarters 

Singapore at Pulau Ujong 

YIBI President: Anna Wang

​​​YIBI Headquarters

Japan at Tokyo 

YIBI President: Coming soon.

​​​YIBI China Founder & President: Pan Gu​ 

Contact email: gupan@qq.com

​​​​YIBI China Headquarters: Nanjing, JiangSu, China

​​​​​​​YIBI President: Erika Yang


email: erikayang@yibius.org

​​​​​​​​United States Headquarters:

Silicon Valley, California

YIBI Global Organization