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Serena is a junior attending Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA. She first participated in the 2018 YBLT Summer Camp, where she led her team to regional finals. Since then, she has been a TA for students at multiple sessions, which all placed at conferences. Aside from YIBI, Serena is also active in her school’s DECA chapter and ASB as the current junior class president. In 2021, Serena participated in COSMOS summer program at University of California Santa Cruz. She is also an active member of her community and is apart of her school's Interact Club.

Ethan Ling

President of Sunnyvale

Victor Cheng

Vice President of San Jose

Angela Liu is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School. She participated in YIBI’s summer camp in 2017 and founded the YIBI Pleasanton branch. Her project received 3rd place at the 2019 Golden Gate STEM Fair, and she was a finalist of 2020 IRIC and of the 2020 Diamond Challenge. She is interested in entrepreneurship and technology and attended AI4ALL and LaunchX summer programs. Angela enjoys community service and has helped in senior centers, made face masks for special education, and designed flyers for community events. Her art and writing also received gold and silver keys in the 2020 Scholastic Awards, and her poem was published in the anthology “We Can Still Connect.” She plays violin in Golden State Youth Orchestra and sings in the honors choir of Cantabella Choir.

Pauline Rogers

President of Milpitas

Kaitlyn Wang

President of Livermore

Simon Zhou

President of San Jose

Eric Yap

President of Palo Alto

Angela Liu

Vice President of Pleasanton

Vector Cheng is  a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. He loves history and physics. He picked up an interest in business after attending a YIBI summer camp in 2014.  Since then, he has participated in many entrepreneurship shows and YIBI events. He is the founder of the San Jose chapter of YIBI. He has experience in accounting and basic business practices and concepts, as well as experience in website design. In his spare time, he plays various instruments, self-learn code, and assemble plastic model kits.  

Pauline Rogers is a senior at Milplitas High School. She is a founder and president for Valley Christian high school fencing club, in 2019.  She is also Co-Founder and Secretary for The Seagull Leadership International, in 2017; Co-Founder  and Vice president for the Youth International Business Initial(YIBI) Milpitas Branch in 2017. She is a teacher for the Science Bowl class teaching middle school students, from 2017-2019. She is a Assistant coach for summer sport camps, from 2017-2019

Elaine Zhai

Vice President of Saratoga

 Eric is currently a senior at Palo Alto High School. Having shown great interest in business throughout middle school and high school, he has learned and participated in multiple aspects including finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he is an alumni of the UChicago economics Pathway program. He is an active member of his community and founded the first community-based Rotary Interact club in the district. At school, he is actively involved with Paly's extensive journalism program. In his spare time, he works on web/graphic design and learns jazz on the keyboard

Kaitlyn is currently a second year college student at UCLA. She graduated from Granada High School. She loves learning and exploring new ideas, and is a participant of the Tri-Valley GETSET program which introduces girls to STEM topics through hands-on experiences. She also volunteers through her school’s Interact club, which focuses on strengthening communities and helping those in need. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the violin and knitting. 2016 Massachusetts Coding Camp graduate. 

Skyla Ma

Vice President of Sunnyvale

Chloe Chan

Vice President of Fremont

 Chloe is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA. Prior to coming to YIBI HQ, she was the Treasurer of the Fremont YIBI branch. She also participated in the 2017 YBLT Summer Camp, where she, as CEO, led her team to place 3rd at Semifinals and ultimately earn an Honorable Mention at the International Grand Conference. Since then, she has been a TA for multiple sessions, with all of her teams advancing to the International Grand Conference. Aside from YIBI, Chloe is also very active in her school’s DECA chapter, placing in the top 8 in California for her role-play event, as well as top 30 in the nation for the DECA Virtual Business Challenge Hotel. 

Serena Cai

President of Fremont

Ethan Ling is a sophomore currently attending Homestead High School. He has been a YIBI member since seventh grade. His team won Honorable Mention and Dr. Rong Pan Smile Award at the 2017 YIBI International Grand Conference. Joining YIBI has been a very rewarding experience. He now wants to set his goals even higher by becoming the president of the Sunnyvale YIBI Branch to help kids by inspiring their interests in business and community services. Through the YIBI platform, he actively participates in volunteer service, he was awarded the 2018 President’s Volunteer Gold Service award. Some of his hobbies include reading, volunteering, coding and swimming.

Alex Zhai

President of Saratoga

Amanda Liu

President of Pleasanton

Nancy Tong

President of Danville

 Nancy Tong is currently a third year college student at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Theatre, Film, and Digital Productions. She’s been involved with YIBI since 2014, attending and mentoring business conferences. She was also the Vice President and Director of Public Relations of YIBI respectively for three consecutive years. In high school, Nancy was a part of a program called Start With a Story, reading to kids visiting family members at the Santa Rita Jail. Nancy has performed in several college productions, including Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies and the musical, Love’s Labour’s Lost. In her free time, Nancy enjoys dancing and knitting.

 Max Chou is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He is currently a member of MSJ DECA and has gone participated in 2017 YBLT Winter camp where he led his team as CMO to second place in regional finals and ultimately won an  honorable mention at the Grand Finals in 2018. Besides that, he has also mentored two other teams who both received second place finishes at Grand Finals as well. Besides YIBI Max is also a student-athlete, one of the top sprinters in his division. In his free time, Max also practices music and dance. 

Meet The Branch Leaders

Skyla Ma is a freshman at Homestead High School in the fall of 2019. Although having been a FBLA member since sixth grade, the 2018 YIBI summer business training really lit up a spark inside her.  With a new view and interest in business and entrepreneurship, she became the vice-president of the FBLA club of Cupertino Middle School as an eighth grader and now also becomes the vice-president of the YIBI Sunnyvale branch. Skyla loves to compete in business competitions and debate against others. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for the city, working out math puzzles or gaining inspiration for a narrative.

Max Chou

Vice President of Fremont

Alex is currently a second year college student at Stanford, He graduated from the Harker School and is passionate about the dynamics of business and entrepreneurship within technological fields, as well as the humanistic impacts of these relationships. After first joining YIBI in 2016, Alex and his team placed 1st in that year’s Semifinals and 3rd at the Grand Conference. Inspired by the organization, Alex continued to co-found the YIBI Saratoga Branch and mentored two other teams in the following year’s summer session. Outside of YIBI, Alex enjoys learning about Natural Language Processing and Linguistics, as well as dancing on his school’s Varsity Boys.

Amanda Liu is a a sophomore in Amador Valley High School. In 2017, she attended the YIBI summer program and founded the Pleasanton branch. Her passions include business, technology, and innovation. She has received 3rd place at the 2019 Golden Gate STEM Fair, was a 2020 INSPOScience finalist and a 2020 Diamond Challenge finalist. In 2019, Amanda participated in the Maker Faire as a Young Maker. She also attended Seattle University’s AI4ALL and Albers' Business camp during the summer of 2020. Amanda loves to help people and the community. She is a member of several student clubs. She is very active in the community, as she has worked as a volunteer to serve lunch and perform at senior centers, organized a hackathon, made face masks for special education students, and tutored kids during summer, to name a few things. Her hobbies include drawing and playing the flute. Her art won the 2019 Scholastic Art Competition National Silver Award and regional Gold Key. Singing is another one of her hobbies, and she sings in the Honors Choir of Cantabella Choir. 

Elaine is currently a senior at the Harker School and enjoys furthering her knowledge in the intersection of business and computer science. Having been involved in YIBI since 2014, Elaine and her team placed 1st in the Semifinals and took 2nd at the Grand Conference. Since then, she has co-founded the YIBI Saratoga Branch and mentored many other teams, all also advancing to the finals. At school, Elaine is also involved in her school’s DECA chapter, competing at both the State and International level.Dance team.

My name is Simon Zhou. I’m a rising senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory. I am now working hard in school with the goal of getting into a good engineering college so I can major in biomedical engineering. One day I hope to apply my knowledge and skills to improve the human health condition. My hobbies include taking hikes through nature, watching anime, and reading; one of my favorite places to go to is Yellowstone National Park. I am also a competitive swimmer; I have been swimming for around 10 years and I am strongest with the butterfly stroke.