​Youth International Business Initiative

Globally Promoting Youth Involvement and Entrepreneurship​ in Business, Innovation, and Leadership



           Erika Yang
​Founder and President

Youth International Business Initiative (YIBI) was founded in 2014 by Erika Yang with the ultimate goal of providing youth with an outlet to express their interests in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and beyond. YIBI members get hands-on experience beyond the classrooms to actively participate in opportunities that raise activism in their very own community. For all the youth interested in getting a taste of the "real world". YIBI is just the beginning...

The Founder of the Youth International Business Initiative had originally not been sure of what club to create to express her interest in the field of business, and also help others feel her passion for the way the business world operates. YIBI was founded based on the fundamental belief that anyone can follow their dreams to change the world through entrepreneurship. Therefore, she started working hard, and thinking of all the things she could name the club, and what its morals and principles would be. She finally decided that she would name the club Youth International Business Initiative, also known as YIBI. She named it this because she wanted the club to mainly be for the youth, and participate not only in the city-wide businesses, but also the international businesses too. She also based the club's morals on focusing on "Globally Promoting Youth Involvement in Business." This founder's name is Erika Yang and she is currently still the YIBI Club President.

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Development & Esteem
​​Work Together Globally

At YIBI, our mission is to create a global network of leaders of the millennial generation. We want to foster a community of future entrepreneurs and raise awareness for activism by giving back to the community. We can build a better tomorrow and work together globally. 

YIBI is currently annually holding Final Grand Conferences, along with lectures and seminars held by business professionals. In addition, YIBI offers business session classes in order to provide lessons with the experience of a lifetime.


Our Mission