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Second Prize Team: Lend n' Rent (Marco Yang, Serena Cai, Brandon Sun
Austin Li, Selina Kao)

Turn unwanted items into wanted opportunities. For those who want to gain easy money in an extremely practical and effective method, Lend n’ Rent provides the platform you need to place valuable but idle items for other users to rent for a one-time use, essentially helping you gain easy money while keeping your possessions. For those who want to use a typically expensive item, but only for one time and therefore for a much cheaper price, you can find your solution and wanted item in our app. On our app, we provide additional features that foster user safety and user efficiency.

Third Prize Team: Track Buddy (Jaaron Leibson, Timothy Zhou, Lena Liu, Hanchao Zhou, Daniel Thinfen, Christina Dai) 

A lot of time and money is wasted to find or replace items in our daily life. So we designed our product TrackBuddy, a small attachable tracker. It helps guide the owner to locate their daily items by using RFID technology. User would use the plugin, which is connected to the phone, to scan the surrounding for trackers.TrackBuddy is better than any other tracker on the market because it has long lasting battery up to five years, it is inexpensive since each tracker only cost one to three dollars, and it can locate anything within thirty-seven feet of RFID scanning radius. TrackBuddy provides efficiency and convenience in everyday life. 

Grand Prize Team: NitePod (Amber Yeh, James Ding, Daniel Chen, Stephanie Liu, Arthur Hua, Jonathan Ye)
NightPod is an airport sleeping service for customers with flight delays and layovers that offers both convenience and affordability. With NightPod, you can sleep best and pay less. NightPod is a form of a capsule hotel, hotels that cut down to the basics of everything you need for a perfect night's sleep. Our pods contain ambient lighting systems, extremely comfortable beds, and foldable shelves for customers to put their belongings on. NightPods are located directly inside of airports so that customers with delayed flights do not have to go through the hassle of going through security and check in once again if they were to sleep in a hotel located near the airport. Delays and layovers last different amount of times, and a delay could be 4 hours or 15 hours. That is why we offer two different forms of pricing, $8 per hour for naps less than 8 hours, and a flat rate of $50 for periods of sleep that are 8-12 hours long. This way, customers who have delays or layovers of both long and short periods of time can all have an extremely affordable and comfortable way to rest. NightPod, sleep best and pay less. 

YIBI International Conference 2018 

Congratulations to All Finalists!!

​Newark, CA. August. 12th, 2018

Second Prize Team: Parkway (Leonard Sun, Fangshuo Oliver Li, Lucy Gong, Alice Zhou)

Parkway is a free app designed to solve parking problems by connecting drivers to homeowners with vacant driveways. The app will be useful in locations such as the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - a place where parking is scarce, but with driveways nearby. Homeowners will upload their driveway locations, whereupon drivers may then pay to park there. Parkway thus allows homeowners to make money while saving drivers time and frustration finding parking 

Congratulations on all 2018 Finalists

Selina Song, Enxi Zhang, Katherine Lum, Ethan Huang , Alvin Li, Michael Lu, Carlie Huang, Melissa Wang, Erika Yu, Kai Wen Li, Leonard Sun, Fangshuo Oliver Li, Lucy Gong, Alice Zhou, Jaaron Leibson, Timothy Zhou, Lena Liu, Hanchao Zhou, Daniel Thinfe, Christina Dai, Tony Wang, Audrey Wang, Kaiwen He, Christina Li, Marco Yang, Serena Cai, Brandon Sun, Austin Li, Selina Kao, Anni Shao, Jonathan Tao, Weston Zong , Alvin Wang , Sophia Khubchandani, Lana Zheng, Elyssa Lieu, Jane Wu, Rena Gong, Marco Yang, Max Chou, Yiqiu Zhou, Andrew Zhong, Qingping Ye, Lily Zhao, Jerry Chen , Joy Kuo, Bradly Wei, Wesley Wei, Joy Sun, Samuel Wang, Amber Yeh, James Ding, Daniel Chen, Stephanie Liu, Arthur Hua, Jonathan Ye, Cathy Chang, Julia Wang, Elisa Li, Sabrina Man, Florence Wang, Darian Liu, Zejian Yang, Zexi Yang, Tony Li, and Sophia Yin

Third Prize Team: QuickED (Cathy Chang, Julia Wang, Elisa Li, Sabrina Man, Florence Wang)

An online tutoring service that focuses on providing tutoring anytime and anywhere. We offer both quick online answers as well as long term tutoring where students can sign up for weekly sessions with his or her tutor. For the quick online answers function, we charge by question difficulty; thus, if a student asks a question about a difficult class, we will charge them more than a student who is asking a question about an easier level class. Also, in comparison to other online tutoring sites, we charge a substantially lower commission fee, allowing the tutors to take a larger portion of the money. 

Third Prize Team: Mira Watch (Selina Song, Enxi Zhang, Katherine Lum, Ethan Huang, Alvin Li)

In 2017, 88,028 children were reported abducted or missing. With Mira-Watch, the user can contact emergency services in the click of just one button, possibly saving their life. These watches come with a customizable wristband. There is also a wide variety of wristband patterns to choose from along with themed wristbands. Watch Details: ● Built in GPS that tracks the user ● A siren to alert any bystanders ● A companion APP for parents to locate the user ● Ledges on the watch to prevent accidental activation Mira-Watch is here to ensure the safety of our children