​Youth International Business Initiative

Globally Promoting Youth Involvement and Entrepreneurship​ in Business, Innovation, and Leadership


Events 2016

​YIBI members learned business characteristics through the process of selling kites at San Ramon Art & Wind Festival on May 29-30, 2016. It was an extremely hot day, but YIBI members stayed at the booth for over 5 hours fundraising. We ended up fundraising over $500 and couldn't be prouder!

YIBI members participated in UCAHP Startup21 Contest and each brought their own projects they had been working on in the past year to compete with. These projects required students to research their own mechanics for their project to work, the financial aspects, and marketing prospects for each individual business. YIBI members, Erika Yang, Kai Lin, and Ami Feng were awarded the grand prize of $1000 Young Entrepreneur for their own business on Jan 16th, 2016

On August 20th, YIBI held its 2016 YIBI Grand Final Conference at Sofia University. It was a huge success and thank you everyone for coming out! Here is a personal note from our President, Erika Yang, about the night.

"Hello everyone!
I cannot express my happiness well enough about tonight's conference. Thank you all for your support and encouragement in giving your student's the experience of a lifetime! Congratulations to EVERY SINGLE TEAM tonight! All of you are already winners, and even the judges told me the had an extremely hard time trying to decide on which teams to pick. I hope that all the students learned something from this experience, and thank you all for your support! We couldn't have done this without you, and never forget the inner entrepreneur you all have inside and continue to work hard to achieve your dreams! Sincerely, Erika Yang"

​YIBI founder, Erika Yang, received "Honorable Mention" and placed 5th out of 27 from the 2016 California State Science Fair for presenting a project in the category of Chemistry Senior Division on May 23-24, 2016

On Dec 29th, YIBI held its 2016 YIBI Winter Conference at Sofia University. It was a huge success and thank you everyone for coming out! The main topic is how to improve your communication skill during a interview. 

On Jan 2rd, 2016, first YIBI officer meeting of the new year 2016! Thank you all for attending! Let's make this year a fantastic year!