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YIBI Winter Conference 2016

Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA. December 29th, 2016

​​​​​​​​​​​Hello All,


​On December 29, 2016, YIBI held its Winter Conference at Sofia University. The main topic of this conference is how to improve communication skills during interviews. During this conference, students had the opportunity to learn about interview skills, along with being able to perform these interview skills in a series of role-plays individually with experienced college students.

Nearly 40 high-school students who are all extremely passionate about business from all around the Bay Area, CA came to participate and compete in this Winter Conference. First, all the students listened and actively participated in a lecture held by one of the keynote speakers, Geraldine Liu, former graduate from Harvard with an MBA. After listening to this wonderful lecture, students were divided into three groups, where they were each given the chance to practice these skills themselves. The students performed these new learned skills in front of YIBI officers and experienced college students, Andy Zhou from Harvard University, Jerry Wu from MIT, and Felix Wu from Emory University. Students were asked to bring a resume and were then asked questions in a mock interview. The top three performers, Angela Pan from Mountain High School, Edwin Mui from Dougherty Valley High School, and Eugenia Xu from Nueva School were then asked to perform on stage in front of everyone another interview, to decide the placing of the top performers. Congratulations to Eugenia Xu for placing first, Edwin Mui for second, and Angela for third. You all did an amazing job!

At YIBI, our mission is to create a global network of leaders of the millennial generation. We want to foster a community of future entrepreneurs and raise awareness for activism by giving back to the community. We can build a better tomorrow and work together globally. Join YIBI today! In addition, congratulations to new YIBI branches in San Mateo and Palo Alto! We’d also like to wish good luck to our graduating YIBI officers, Ami Feng, Anyi Cheng, and Nancy Tong. Thank you for everything you have done for YIBI and we hope the best for your future.


Erika Yang

President of YIBI Organization