​Youth International Business Initiative

March 6-8th 

YIBI's sent out a team (Erika Yang, Nancy Tong, Edwin Mui, and Steven Yuan) to attend the 2015 Sino-American Business Challenge Competition, held in San Francisco. There were about 100 high school students from China and US who attended this competition. During the competition, YIBI learned about real-life business, and how to make deals and how to make the best out of a situation. Throughout the process, they benefited greatly from the experience, and learned about how to manage in the business world, and how to become a team together.

January 13th

One of our YIBI officers, Kaitlyn Wang, had the wonderful chance to visit the infamous office of Google. She was invited into the business corporation and wrote about her insightful experience.

The first thing that struck me about the Googleplex was its size. Instead of being encased inside several large, tall buildings, the offices, which are relatively short in height, are spread across a sprawling campus. After stopping by the visitor's center and the Google Store, we were led into a conference room. We had lunch, and then were given time with a panel of female engineers. They answered many thoughtful questions, and gave their experiences on and opinions about many different topics, including gender bias, how they chose their careers, and why they wanted to work for Google. We were also informed of scholarships and internship opportunities that Google offered. Overall, the trip was delightful and engaging. The food was delicious, the art installations were stunning, and it was very interesting to learn about Google’s unique work environment.

Kaitlyn Wang, Secretary of YIBI

June 20th-24th 6 YIBI members have attended a future business leadership boost camp. This camp teaches students the basis of business and how to successfully become a entrepreneur and start-up a business. 

April 30th

YIBI's members went out into the community and performed tasks that greatly benefited the community. They were not only invited to help out with the Steve Glazer campaigning, but also to pass out flyers about the campaign and travel door to door in different neighborhoods, asking and creating awareness about the upcoming campaigns.

January 19th

YIBI has organized a seminar for high school students and their parents, featuring speakers from different colleges, such as UC Berkeley and Columbia University! The speakers consisted of Dr. Liu, graduate from UC Berkeley, and professor from the California State University, college student Eric Wen at Columbia University, and finally, college student Steven Wang at UC Berkeley. These students and professor described their own experience of seeing students, or themselves, going through high school, and also ways they overcame their challenges and managed to pop out as an outstanding student with leadership skills! Many students and parents asked questions during the seminar, and it was a huge success! In addition, the students and parents socialized afterwards, and had a great time! A huge thanks to all the speakers who taught us so much, and thank you all for coming to this seminar! There will be more coming soon!

Many ​YIBI members give back to the community by hosting a Little Apple Dance lessons. In addition, these dancers that YIBI taught were able to perform so well, they were nominated to also perform at the Mission City Center for Performing Arts theater in front of 300 people. Good work everyone!

YIBI founder, Erika Yang, attended MIT Launch at MIT over the course of the summer of 2015. It was an amazing experience and will in the future encourage and help others with building interest in getting in and starting up companies!

March 30th- April 2nd

During spring break, YIBI hosted a public speaking training class and developed public speaking skills and leadership. 

February 16th

YIBI has co-organized a fashion show in a festival to celebrate Chinese New Year and its culture. YIBI members also teach currently popular Chinese dance "Little Apple Dance" during the festival.  

January 16th  - 18th

May 30th

YIBI and PLAY two clubs hold WeiFan Kite Festival, teaching about the Chinese culture and the Chinese fine arts. There are more than 50 people attending this event. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to do it again soon.

February 26th- March 1st 

YIBI's officers Erika Yang and Georgia Hlggins represented their team by going to the State DECA Conference, and placing 9th in their category, IBP. Congratulations! See news report from Granada High School.

January 10th

YIBI officers, Erika Yang and Edwin Mui attended 5th UCAHP Startup21 Contest in Santa Clara Convention Center, and won the 2rd place of Young Entrepreneur Award. Congratulation!

January 20th

YIBI's members have recently been invited to attend VLAB's Annual Young Entrepreneurs Event at Stanford University! The event was wonderful, with gourmet food served in the beginning and a panel discussion with the modern, young woman CEOs of companies such as TRUSTe, Entefy, Revel Systems, Enplug, and much more! These women were truly amazing; starting up their own businesses and becoming a CEO before they are even the age of 30. After going to this event, our YIBI members have said that it was truly a life-changing experience and shows us of how we should go and get what we want and do what we want to do, out in the world. Special thanks to the people who hosted the event, and Grace Tong, and hope to have more events like these in the future!

April 30th

YIBI members received recognition for volunteering their hours to the community and were proud and honored to receive these awards from Catharine Baker, California Statewoman, herself.

YIBI's officers Erika Yang, and Georgia Higgins, represented their high school, Granada, at the DECA Annual District Compeition in San Ramon. They represented their school well, and congrats to Georgia Higgins for being a finalist in the category of Principles of Hospitality and Tourism!

Events 2015

Many ​YIBI members show their support for nearby sport events such as track and field along with swimming at the Northern California Chinese Culture Athletic Federation (NCCCAF) on August 9, 2015, through helping promote the event and gain participants, while also participating themselves.

January 25th

YIBI's members have recently attended APAPA TVC youth group seminar. The topic is: The 10,000 Hours to Greatness and Stress Management". See the meeting note from officer Erika Yang

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