​Youth International Business Initiative

YIBI’s first community event, teaching students the “Little Apple Dance”, was a huge success. The dance was taught by Adam Zhu, Erika Yang, and Kaitlyn Wang, with help from Georgia Higgins, Araceli Hernandez, and Kristen Wong. The students and instructors all enjoyed themselves, and the event helped promote social confidence and leadership skills. After the dance, refreshments were served, and the students were given time to mingle. Special YIBI cookies and cupcakes were made by Erika Yang, Georgia Higgins, Araceli Hernandez, and Grace Massondale. Additional snacks were also wonderfully prepared by Georgia Higgins and Adam Zhu. Special thanks to Raymat Materials Inc. for providing the location! Kaitlyn Wang, Secretary of YIBI

On December 28th, 2014, we hosted YIBI’s little apple dance event. We came to teach as their instructor for the little apple dance. When I first came, I was a little nervous as we were about to teach many children and adults alike. Most of the children were around 9-14 years old! When I arrived, I was very surprised to see many children all waiting and excited to learn how to dance. After the event started, I was much calmer as it was way easier than I thought it would be.   

The Event started with the team showing what the dance looked like to everyone. After we introduced the music, I then proceeded to teach everyone how to dance, one step at a time. It was quite fun teaching and a great experience for everyone the room. We finished our day with some food and snacks. The children were all attentive and enjoying themselves while dancing. This dance was my first experience being an instructor, and it made me very happy to see the children happy as well. In the end, I wasn’t nervous anymore, I was relaxed and easy. The day was great and I had a lot of fun teaching kids how to dance and popular Chinese dance. Adam Zhu, Treasurer of YIBI

December 28th

YIBI has just hosted their first community event by teaching students the popular, Chinese dance called the "Little Apple Dance." It was a very fun event, with the main instructors Adam Zhu and Kaitlyn Wang teaching the youth how to dance the "Little Apple Dance." Along with them, instructors Erika Yang, Georgia Higgins, Araceli Hernandez, and Kristen Wong all pitched in by helping the youth beside them. It was very successful with all who attended and learned how to dance the "Little Apple Dance" and had social time afterwards with snacks provided by Adam Zhu and Georgia Higgins, with YIBI cookies made specifically by Erika Yang, Georgia Higgins, Araceli Hernandez, and Grace Massondale. A big thanks to everyone who came and hope to see you at more events! 

Some of our own loved the event so much, they wrote about their experience.

August 31st, 2014 
The President of the YIBI, Erika Yang, attended a coting registration training program for teaching high school students how to engage people in voting to gain a voice in the community.

Catharine Baker and Erika Yang

October 12th, 2014
The president of the YIBI, Erika Yang, attended a meeting in Livermore, where Catharine Baker, currently in California's State Assembly, talked about her campaign and why she was running. She talked and expressed her interests in changing the way our school systems are, and how we can improve them. In, addition, Baker is also an active leader in our community, from being an Board Member on the Diablo Regional Arts Association (DRAA) to dedicating her precious time in helping clubs, such as Girl Scouts. 
September 13th, 2014 
The President of the YIBI, Erika Yang, and her team went to go and try to convince people to vote in the upcoming election, and have a voice in the community. In addition, they also met the running David Haubert for Mayor of Dublin City, CA.

Events 2014

December 21st, 2014 
​The president of the YIBI, Erika Yang, was invited to attend an APAPA (Asian Pacific, Islander American Public Affairs Association) lifetime member holiday party, held by the Chairman and Founder of APAPA, C.C. Yin and his wife, Regina Yin, in their lovely ranchhouse in Vacaville. C.C. Yin, along with being the owner of half of the McDonald's in northern California, is also a person who dedicates his life to helping Asian Americans gain a voice and vote in our nation.

APAPA training

C.C. Yin and Erika Yang

At the "Friends of Special Needs" Gala

December 5th, 2014   
​The president of the YIBI, Erika Yang, had a dinner with the Secretary of State, Mrs. Debra Bowen, and  received outstanding award for her contributions to APAPA's voter registration drive. The following, she wrote after the dinner about her experience. 
Growing up, I always thought I had an idea of what it is like to be Asian. While other kids would be given toys on Christmas, I woke up to a stack of SAT books that my parents happily gave me. Once, I was even reminded that I should take shorter showers because I was wasting water. Although I accepted the traits of being an Asian-American, I didn't understand the responsibility of it until I attended the dinner with the Secretary of State, Mrs. Debra Bowen, on December 5th.
​During the dinner, I had the honor of listening to all the speakers, who were organized by APAPA. I realized that Asian-Americans are one of the largest growing ethnic groups in America, yet there are not many Asian public figures who actively participate in our community. There needs to be more of us who are willing to raise our voices and vote on important issues that affect not only California, but also our nation. Although the conference was only two hours, the effect that it had on me will last for a lifetime. I now not only understand the Asian culture, but also accept the responsibilities of being an Asian-American.

Catharine Baker Speech for Election

Erika Yang and high school students with running Mayor David Haubert

Globally Promoting Youth Involvement and Entrepreneurship​ in Business, Innovation, and Leadership


Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Erika Yang

November 8th, 2014 
The president of YIBI was invited to attend a gala for the "Friends of Special Needs (FCSN)" dinner. It was an eventful night, with singing and dancing, along with wonderful speeches about the children with special needs. 
"Congratulations! Erika Yang is among the top three volunteers. As part of our appreciation to your devotion, you are cordially invited to the FCSN (www.fcsn1996.org)  dinner, which will be held on 11/8/14 6:00pm-9:00pm." - APAPA.